Sending AS2 EDIINT to a Cyclone Partner Binary Issue


We are trying to send AS2 outbound to a trading partner that uses Cyclone. They are seeing binary data at their end. We have checked all of our settings and I cannot see where I would specify the content as being binary. Has anyone been successful exchanging EDI X12 documents with a Cyclone Partner. If so, was there anything special that needed to be setup?

We are able to receive EDI X12 transactions from them without any issues. I’ve compared what we send to them to what we send other trading partners and don’t see anything different.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Have you verified how you send to them?
For example, check the Encryption Algorith, we use TripleDes with all our Cyclone partners.
Also, check if you are sending signed and/or encrytped to match what they expect.
It maybe also that you are sending to the wrong port on their side.

Just a few ideas.

The content/type you specify causes the data to be identified as binary in Cyclone. text/plain, or application specific etc. If you use text/xml it will show up as XML in cyclone.

I have still not been able to figure out what content-type will show up as EDI in Cyclone.