Send outbound to wrong sap hostname SituationIt took very long time to throw exception

Hi all,

I try to test the error case in many situation. If we config the APPLICATION SERVER in SAP server to the wrong one such as XXX that doesnt’ exist in the network.

While we sent only one outbound IDOC by using this wrong configuration, the service and took long time (More than 5 Minute) to finish and thrown exception.

I don’t sure there is retry process inside both service or not. Why it took very long time to thrown exception ?

If there is a retry process inside, can we configure timeout or number of retry to minimum the wait time until exception occur?

Thank you very much.

I got the same problem! Even specifying a timeout as a service property doesn’t help (the service only signals the timeout AFTER completing the service).
We’re already thinking about inserting an additional step before the encodeSDATA step to test if SAP is connected.
Have you found a more elegant solution in the meantime?
Sorry that i can’t help you,