Send messages to current session holders through Developer.

I am trying to create a service that sends a message to everyone that has a session open in IS.

An example, when an administrator is trying to restart/shutdown the IS, if he/she is not sure, they can enter a time limit before shutdown. The IS then sends a message to every developer who has a session open in TN or Developer, notifying them the the IS will be restarting/shutting down in X minutes.

Does anyone know what service the IS uses in background to send this message?

Thank you,

Hi Zafar,
If I understand your requirement correctly, the requirement is that there should be a Pop-Up window sent on the Developer or TN console from IS with messgae “IS is shutting down in x minutes. Pls. close your session”.

I don’t think this is possible to do or can be done easlily.

Reason I think it not possible are:

1> All the time Developer ot TN Console connects to IS as HTTP/HTTPS client. IS can get the IP of the client box but to push some message there, IS needs to start a connection as client and the Developer or the TN Console box has to act as server, which is not possible.

2> Don’t know how IS can push something by utilising the same connection initiated by a Developer or TN Console box. IS does something like that in Reverse Invoke case.

Hello Mr.singh,
Thanks for making it clear. It makes sense to me now. I am close to coming up with a solution. Had to hack through some services. I am going after the session log and extracting the ip’s of all the computers connected and using a translation table to identify who all is connected and use netmsg to send messages to the computers. I have one problem though,
Is the lock information on a service stored somewhere?

Hi Zafar,
I will add the feature request in the webMethods wishlist.

Whenever there is IS Shutdown/Restart in X minutes, IS should send a Pop-up in the connected Developer/TN Console informing the user to save its work and logout.