Send file over FTP


I want to send a file over FTP from one integration server to another. Is that required to configure FTP port on both servers. I guess not.Required only to the server which will receive the file.

Second thing while invoking built in service to send file over FTP, We need to give source and target file as input parameter of build in service. Here Do we need to give filename including directory if not then how the target server get to know that file is received in this location and how it will pass the data as input to the target service.

Can anyone please let me know.

Any help will be much appreciated…


which version of wM are you using?

Since 9.5 SP1 there exist a possility to use SFTP (over SSH, usually Port 22) instead of FTP/FTPS.

How is code being notified that there is a new file available?

Please have a look at the IS Built-In Services Reference for folders pub.client.ftp:* and pub.client.sftp:* for details how to fill the inputs of the mentioned services.

Can you provide a more detailed outline of your code sequence please?