Semicolon Problem

When semicolon is used as separator in the following data:


then ADACMP and ADAMUP import three records without error message into my Adabas file with the following FDT:
1, ID, 3, A, DE
1, NA, 8, A
I am using the script I included into my previous post.
But after creating a DDM object, NaturalONE is unable to browse the data giving the following message:

'Receive Report' has encountered a problem.
NAT3055 Conversion not possible. DB/FNR/Subcode 12/31/1
Details: Object 1 in line 380 status O level 0
Service: GENREP.RETDAT [localhost:2800] CSV-1

When I refresh the file and do the VERY SAME, only using a COLON separator, N1 has no problem browsing the data.

What am I doing wrong?
Can you help me?
I am using NaturalONE82-CE.