Selecting post method in pub.client:http, but get method is actually sent

Runnning in IS 7.1.1, am trying to call a remote REST service using various methods. The methods are explicitly selected and mapped to the method attribute of pub.client:http

The remote REST server responds correctly for delete and put, as well as for get methods. For this resource, the response is an error message that says delete, put, and get are unsupported. This is correct.

But when I submit the post method, I still get a response saying the get method is unsupported by the server resource. The server should support post.

When I try the same data using a REST client test tool, such as the chrome plug in, I see the server responding correctly. This includes a correct response to the post method.

It seems pub.client:http is actually sending out a get when I explicitly choose a post. And this happens only for post, for no other method type. I don’t mind a response that says, 411, 401, 500 whatever, but when I send the post what I am actually getting in response is an http 405 response stating that the verb get is not supported by the resource.

Has anyone seen this behavior, that when even though we explicitly choose post pub.client:http actually sends a get?