SelectField with mouse


First, sorry for my rough english…

I got a problem with some “.jsp” page since migration to Applinx 9.8.

The property “autoSkipAllFields” is true in my clientConfig file.

But, in some of my “.jsp” page, the first unprotected field is a CHECKBOX. And when I access the INPUT field next with the mouse or tabulation, it doesn’t autoskip when I reach maxlength… It works only after a first validating of the map with “Enter”, then the focus is on my first INPUT field in error and it works…

I try to set the property : “selectFieldOnFocus” to true, then I can select field with the mouse and it works but the field is selected in overwritten mode…

In fact, I need a “selectFieldOnFocusWithoutOverWritten” property ! :roll: :smiley: :lol: :smiley:

So… How can I activate the selection of field with mouse (and tabulation) ?
Is a property exist for this ? Or should I use some attribute on my fields ?

Thank you very much.