Select All check box for Async table in CAF

i am new to webmethods CAF and i want to enable check box option for all the rows from Async table.
but i am getting below error.

can any one tell me what is this error. how to bind the check box with table result which i am getting.
also provide if you have any examples.

A Provider is a CAF-generated intermediary between your data (your data can be a web service output, a string list, whatever, any repeating group) and the screen. Its representation is generally a table or a dropdown.

Only two Provider types let you select an item, and for a table the one you want is a SelectableListTableContentProvider.

So right click on your data source (e.g. if you’re getting multiple results returned from a web service, right click on the repeating data group) and select New -> Content Provider… . Then choose the Updateable Table With Selection option. Carry on through, then hit Finish. You’ll have a brand new Content Provider in the Bindings view which you can drag onto the screen, and this will create an Async Table for you.

P.s. the thing to right-click on that I mentioned earlier is a bit tricky to spot. So if the output from your web service looks like this:

web service results
-> resultDocument -> resultDocument [i]

You want to right click on resultDocument, NOT resultDocument [i]. I’ve attached an image of another sample of this.

Hope that helps.