SeeBurger anybody have exposure to it

Just curious if anyone here has played with SeeBurger’s integration suite.

What are the opinions and how does it compare to webMethods???


Currently researching it.
Hopefully our european counter parts respond as it seems to have some footing there being that it’s German based product.
Let me know what you find and I’ll do like wise.


Sorry for the delay. What is it you wanted to know about Seeburger?

really just strengths and weaknesses, especially compared to webMethods…

All of the major areas:

Mapping - how’s the development tool?
EDI - monitoring, reconciliation, etc
Modelling - what can be modelled, ease of use, etc
Development complexity
Footprint on server - does this require 2 gigs to run like WM does?

Someone is going around here saying SeeBurger is SAP’s preferred partner for EDI. Somehow I don’t believe that. Maybe that’s because XI and Seeburger are similar, i don’t know.

As usual when evaluating software, the powers that be only consider one piece of cost and thats the obvious licensing fees. We all know there are hidden costs when it comes to software that are not apparent to people who don’t use the product day in day out.

Just want to get past the sales hype and brochureware. I saw a demo of their product a few months ago and I was underwhelmed. I’d like to hear from others who may have experience with both products.

I have tried it. Mapping is not bad at all. Especially if working with EDI (I think it’s its strongest point). The whole product seem to cater for a lot of old and not so wildly used technologies (like OFTP, with and upto channel 25). It is very simple (not as robust) compare to webMethods.

It’s weakest point is documentation. If you don’t know German you are never gonna get much done on your own. Very poor translation (from German to English) if at all has been done. There are no clearly defined procedure documented for doing processes. The docs talk a lot about the product being able to do this and that, but it never clearly say how. And these are supposedly technical docs.

We had to get a guy from German in South Africa to prepare for a POC where a client wanted to see which product will easily achieve a particular task. The products were SeeBurger, webMethods and See Beyond. It did quite well on EDI mappings and was quite easy and quick developing that. It also excelled on the OFTP stuff. Well, you would most probally be pleased to hear that eventually the client chose webMethods!

The SAP stuff will most probably motivated by the fact that they are both German based and seem to enjoy a very good relationship according to some guys from there. But SAP has SAP XI, component of the NetWeaver platform, SeeBurger has SAP XI adapter and webMethods work just as good integrating to SAP through it. So, personally unless I am prepared to have guys from Germany doing a lot of development for me because their document don’t make a lot of sense, I will prefare webMothods. But I must say that SeeBurger especially when doing EDI stuff, will be eaiser and faster to implement. The product is relatively simpler and smaller.

The components there are BIS, IS equivalent; then the Developer, the Mapping Designer and Workflow Designer and you are set. I strugled so much to put messages into MQ Series server using it only to find that there are only two field I had change value on instead of a lot I had done after configuring the adapter conection. You just cannot figure thing out there as simple as they look. Documents don’t help.

thanks for the info amon…

sounds like using Seeburger for EDI and using a combination of WM-XI is our best move… I think XI needs another generation or two before it can compete with WM on a feature by feature basis and as with all SAP products, development is just unnecessarily difficult…

i envision using XI to replace the SAP adapter we use today, and keep the mappings and other logic in WM… that seems like it gives us the most flexibility combined with the speed of development we currently experience in WM… we can communicate with XI even without the XI adapter thru soap messaging…

Jim Morales wrote:
“Someone is going around here saying SeeBurger is SAP’s preferred partner for EDI. Somehow I don’t believe that. Maybe that’s because XI and Seeburger are similar, i don’t know.”

SEEBURGER and SAP do indeed have a strong relationship. As you probably know, SAP XI (based on Netweaver components) has more or less replaced SAP BC (based on webMethods components). The relationship between SAP and wM has changed over the last couple of years. There’s a thread on this forum about it somewhere.

From a SeeBurger press release (