security to publish

I want to publish a document from a portlet and I want to do it alone for some users, as I can do?



Create a flow service which invoke service. Make the proper wsdl for you flow service. Bind the wsdl to the portlet and call the service.

Hope this help.


Thank you very much, but I wanted to know if I can securize that call.
It must be done with ACL permissions in the package where is this service ?
or with the “_env / appUserName” the envelope of document?
or with the permissions of publishable document? (list ACL)



Please see the document attached.

Hope this help.

SecService.doc (164 KB)

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda Norberto
Thank you very much!

Hi, I have a problem, I can not change the settings on “Caf Application Runtime Configuration”, this page is restricted.

How I can change it?
And can I map the login credentials of MWS in the credentials of Web service connector in my portlet?

Thank you very much
restrictedPage.doc (40.5 KB)

Hi Marta:

Did you log into MWS as a sysadmin user?

About your second question: is not a good practice map the credentials in the service connector.


Saludos por España.