Security in suse linux 8

Hi All

S.O. suse linux 8
Tam. Version 4.1.4

I have create user, group and acl in tamino manager but when i try to view or modify it , i recive error "(ARG0003) No elements to display "

If i try to query in collection ino:security i see the object.

This error is only in Linux, if i try to create the same object in windows with tamino same version …work fine.

Hello Michele,

please note that the user that you are using to modify security settings in the Tamino Manager with also needs to have access to ino:security in the Tamino database.

So for example if you use the userid “tamino” to log into the SMH, you will also need a user “tamino” in ino:user and this user will need access permissions to ino:security. How are you doing this on Windows so that it works there? What authentication mode are you using?

Can you send some more details on the exact steps you are doing?