Securing IS admin panel and API Gateway UI with HTTPS

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Hi everyone,

I am using 10.5 version of the products with Advanced licence and the products installed on Linux machine(Centos).

I am tryting to open https ports for both IS admin panel and API Gateway UI. To do that, I followed the instructions on the following link ;

I got the security certificate from the client and used the keytool in < SAG_Root>/jvm/jvm/jre/bin/ to create .jks files. I moved the jks file I created to the < SAG_Root>/common/conf path. Then I done the configuration with the new created keystore and truststore in API Gateway. After I create a new port with the new keys. I can enable the port.

I cheked the machine and port seems open but when I try to connect it from a browser I can’t reach the page. ( https://localhost:xxxx)

So I switched to open https port for API Gateway UI, just to give it a try. Changed the file as mentioned at the link. Again I can see the port is open from the machine but I cant reach the page.

Can you guys help me about it? I can share screen shots and partially log files If you request some.

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Hi Asil,

yes, screenshots and logs will be helpful.
Please provide the error message you receive Browser when trying to reach the hosts.


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Hi Holger,

Can you tell me the log file you want?

The error massage when I try to reach the hosts (its same for the both);


So just in case I send the screenshots of the configurations.

Configuration of keystore and trust store at “administration → security → Keystore/Truststore”

Configuration of new port at “administration → security → Ports”

If you want any more information from me please let me know.

Best Regards


There is no problem with any of the softwareAG product configuration. The machine on which the products runs and the machine which I do my work is different. I couldn’t reach the pages because there was a restriction on port basis without my knowledge.


Glad to hear that you have the narrowed down the root cause/self resolution!!


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