Secure way to post data to Cumulocity using http connector?

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I am using http connector to post measurements to Cumulocity platform. Is there any secure way to post data to Cumulocity as there is no https connector available ?
Can we convert http connector to https connection to ensure the data is encrypted and remain secured?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?


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If I understand correctly, you’re using the “HTTP Connector”, not the “Cumulocity IoT” Connector that Stefan mentioned, correct? Although the name does not suggest, the “HTTP Connector” also supports https endpoints.

Anyway we’d recommend to use the “Cumulocity IoT” connector which gives you a lot of features to work with your Cumulocity tenant. If you need any support using it, let us know!


Hi @Michael_Voigt2

Using HTTP connector since the measurements are dynamic and can differ from device to device.
I would like to know how secure is HTTP connector ?

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To be honest I dont know how secure the HTTP Connector is since I never used it or developed it. But using https should give you some security after all.


Just to reiterate, when you connect to a Cumulocity IoT Cloud instance, you can only use HTTPS so all traffic is always encrypted.

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