webMethods.io (formerly built.io) Security

Hi Team,

As you know that webMethods.io is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) supports all your application integration processes – between cloud platforms, software-as-a-service applications, and on-premise systems. We use serveral OOTB connectors (without certs), and configure the user credentails, access tokens etc.,

I just want to understand what type of

  • Data Security does webMethods.io provide to both hosted data and on-premise data
  • Does it retrieve, access or store application data at any point during the integration process
  • Any FAQ’s on Security
  • What kind of security level does the data center infra provide?

Any documentations or links to the above questiosn will be helpful. I found this link https://docs.webmethods.io/data-access-and-security but could not find more details.

Hi Team,

I am interested in these details too. Could you point us to right section on webmethods.io documentation or some whitepaper?