Secure Copy SCP protocol file transfer between hosts on network which is based on SSH

Can anyone please help on below points.

  1. getting an idea on SCP protocol based on SSH (secure shell) that provides file transfer between host on a network.

2)how can this be implemented in wM.

3)Does it require any IS setup,certificates or inbuilt services for this implementation.

4)Is there any documentation for this ?

Thanks and regards
Amruth kumar

Hi @Amruth_Ruttala ,
The SCP protocol is deemed to be outdated, please refer Secure copy protocol - Wikipedia . It also recommends usage of protocols like SFTP or rsync, Is there a reason why you need to use SCP instead of SFTP for example .

You can check if your usecase of file transfer can be fulfilled by SFTP.
Integration Server already supports SFTP as a client , and there are built in services too.
The documentation is at Configuring Integration Server to Connect to an SFTP Server (
and the built in services guide details the public services -



Thanku so much Nagendra for the info…will prefer to use SFTP.

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