second(remote)webdav security checking

We are using Tamino with its embedded webdavserver. The login authentication (loginname and password) are re-directed to the Tamino userID and password (as described in the documentation). This all works fine.

Now we are setting up a second Tomcat-Webdav in which we want to store figures and other files that will not be stored in the database but have to be accessable to users. We would like to re-direct the login authentication of this second webdav also to Tamino.

We tried to set up a in the file ‘%Tomcat%\conf\server.xml’, just as we did for the tamino-embedded tomcat.

Now it is logical that he cannot find the “com.softwareag.ssx.userdb.authmod.realms.tomcat4.SSXUserDBRealm4” so we tried copiing some .jar files to the second webdav-lib.
It doesn’t work. We cannot get the second Tomcat started.

What is the procedure to get a remote Tomcat webdav to check it’s login-authentication from Tamino?

Regards, Kees


we didn’t test the realm against a Non-Tamino-Webdavserver. For using the Software AG realm, you would need the jdom.jar, log4j.jar, xercesImpl.jar, xmlParserAPIs.jar, xmlParserAPIs.jar, instrumentation.jar, sagssxuserdb.jar, sagssxtamino.jar, sagssxrealm_4_0.jar
which have to be placed in the jakarta-tomcat\common\lib and in the jakarta-tomcat\server\lib like in the Tamino Webdavserver installation.

regards Eckehard