Searching for Logged fields

I have logged certain pipeline fields in Modeler. In Portal, how can i search for a value of one logged fields?

The field being logged is the transactions global ID (global across several systems including WM).


Valid for My webMethods 6.5.2:
Go to the advance tab and select the process instance you want to search within. When selected, there is a new area called Filter reloaded, where you can define an expression for your logged variables within the process.

I do not think theres a way to search all processes at the same time using the GUI.

Hi All,

I have install the manager server 6.5 and My web methods in diffrent directory.

I am able to view the mywebmethods admin page.
but inside the mywebmethods admin page in systemconfiration/system information the status of controller,datahandler,my webmethods is comming Unavailabe. and also in satellite it showing error.

POP.012.9000.wm_bam_satellite] JAX-RPC ServiceException caught: com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.WSClientException: Failed to bind to endPoint: http://ctp-vi0490:12503/services/satellite.wsdl and interface: interface com.webmethods.bpo.service.satellite.ISatelliteService: could not bind to path: http://ctp-vi0490:12503/services/satellite.wsdl

can u pls let me know wheater i have do any configration in my webmethods ?.

Also when i start the controller after some times it goes down automatically.And in controller it give error.Table or view does not exit.

thx in advance