Searching for EDI X12 820 Schema

Does anybody have a copy of the X12 820 schema for EDI? I can’t seem to find it in the usual spots.

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Forgot to mention – thanks to all who flooded my inbox!

So, seven months since the last post and I forget what the “usual spots” are. Besides the webMethods EDI Module, where can one find X12 Schemas? I have exhausted Google’s search engine…



Which version do you need?


No specific version, really. I am just trying to locate a repository of EDI standards and/or schema documentation. I know it will come in handy some day and I’d rather be pro-active about it.

I would recommend a tool called EDIFECS SpecBuilder. It gives you a library of all the standards out there (X12 and beyond) and most versions. It’s a very handy tool for excluding and including segments that fit your needs. Once you’ve done the customization (design-time only of course), it’ll spit out the documentation for you. You can use this documentation for your own reference as well as reference for your trading partners. My favorite part of the tool, however, is the data anlayzer. It will let you import an EDI document and tell you how it differs from how you use the standard. Very handy for quickly creating gap analysis.

They’re enhancing the tool to include XML standards, mainly RosettaNet, but I haven’t needed it for that purpose.

Now for the bad news – it’s pricier than google ($5000+). You could also go out and spend $500 on an EDI standards desk reference, but then you have a bulky desk reference to drag around.

I believe you can download a trial version from their web site –

If anyone else is using the tool, I’d be interested in hearing what they think.

I agree with Joss. I use that tool and it is really handy.