Search within results?

Some search engines have the idea of a sub-search or a secondary search within the results of a primary search.

Is such a thing possible in Tamino?



What’s the concept such search engines follow when providing such functions?

I could imagine a n-step process:

1. you give the search words, the search engine forms a query from these (say ?_xql=theWeb[.~=“*searchterm1” and .~=“searchterm2”]

2. search engine shows a result page

3. you enter more restrictive search terms in the “search within results”-box.

4. the search engine enhances the query above with these new search terms and submits it to the database.

5. goto 2.

So, I might be totally wrong, but in this scenario, searching within results is application logic and no feature of the database system.

Please let me know how Google, Altavista et al. are doing it.

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