Index Search

Dear All,

Is there anyone who know how to do “index search” in tamino? By index search, I mean, if I search the word “Lun”, the result will be something like all record after “Lun” (sorted alphabetically), I hope someone will understand what I am saying.

There are about 100,000 records in our database, we should allow index search on different fields. And the query would involve postprocessor, so the query is very very slow…

/Name[Tag[@tagcode=‘700’][1]/Subfield[@subfield_code=‘a’] >= ‘Lun’] sortby (Tag[@tagcode=‘700’][1])

700 is a composite of ‘7’ and ‘00’ and pass in dynamically, that means, it can’t be hardcoded.
There would be 2 entries of Tag[@tagcode=‘700’], so just compare the first instance.

Please advise…

Best regards and many thanks,

I think should be

/Name[Tag[@tagcode=‘700’][1]/Subfield[@subfield_code=‘a’] >= ‘Lun’] sortall (Tag[@tagcode=‘700’][1]/Subfield[@subfield_code=‘a’])