Getting records sorted without sort by clause

Dear collegues

I am involved in a project working with Tamino that requires to recover the records stored in the DB sorted according to an index. This is simple using the “sort by” functionality.

Thinks start to go wrong when the number of records increase, and becomes imposible when the number of records gets … some score. In our case, more than 500.000 records there is nothing to do with sort.

From Tamino (may be earlier ?) there is an admin command called DisplayIndex that provides the list of ordered values for an index and the number of records sharing the attached value. This is the “nearest” position of an ordered list of records we are. If by chance the index to use is a unique key, we can do an adhoc query for each value, and then get records with such previous value, and by default, sorted.

My question to you is if you know any other way than the both related before, for getting ordered the records of a huge Doctype.

Sorry if there has been previous discussions about such topic in the forum, I did not found them.

Thanks in advance

Hi again

My previous query has been caused by the understanding of the sort process as a heavy process. Doing some tests, this is not clear for me know. Does any one know where can I find details about sort performance ? Or some of you can provide any experience about performace impact of sorting hundred thousand or even millions of records ?

Again, thanks in advance