Search Remote


Can someone can help me, with “Search Remote”?
I am trying to search a string in my natural folder with no luck.
All the time I get ‘Finished’ with no result at the begining.

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Can you provide (upload) a screenshot of your Search window, that shows the parameters you are using for searching?
Thanks, kind regards, Thomas

You need to switch the tab in the search from “Remote Search” to “File Search” to search for your specific string.

Enter the text you are after in the “Containing Text” entry.

Additionally, after switching, you can change the ‘scope’ to search your whole workspace, selected resource or enclosing project.



I need to search my entire fuser for a specific string.
for ex: If I have modified a parameter data area, I want to search the fuser for that name.



Are you talking about the fuser on a Natural server ? Because that is not possible. The search function will only allow you to search the workspace. I don’t think there is any way to perform a search on a mapped Natural server, except maybe via the command line for mainframes…


Thats why I asked about the “Search Remote”. I thought maybe that will give me the option.