Search option in tool Kit


When searching in a tool kit for a particular library , is there any way by which i can limit the search to some programs only.
Suppose i have a library called devl and i want to search in pgm a,b anc c only , instead of searching in the whole library

Any help is really appreciated.
Please let me know incase the scenario is unclear.


Specify a wildcard for the Natural object name and Y in the “Selection List” parameter. In the list provided, mark the objects to be searched.

Also, in Natural 8 the SCAN command allows you to search the objects named in a Predict set.

Thanks Ralph,

But i am not able to find any selection list in the screen.Please note that i am using tool kit 4.5.
I am able to use the predict set.But again that doesnot satisfy my requirements.
Please correct me if i am wrong.A predict set will be created based on my search.
But i want search to happen in some selected programs.

There is a macro option available,But i am able to give only , not a selected list of programs

what do you mean by “tool kit v4.5”? I’m not aware of a product or Natural sub-product by that name…

what version of Natural are you using? Is it on the mainframe or a different platform?

I assume the question is about the SCC Toolkit, which is not a Software AG tool.

You can create and modify sets within the Toolkit

Within a macro you can define multiple entries, why not specify = to limit to single objects ?

I assume you are talking about SCC’s Natural Toolkit
This is NOT a Software AG product.
Wolfgang is correct - you can do this with SCC’s Natural Toolkit :slight_smile:

  1. Create a Set (eg. either with Predict or with Toolkit’s TK SE)
  2. Use Toolkit TK LS to scan just the members of the Set
    Or as Ralph said, with Natural version 8, the SCAN utility has been enhanced to enable the scanning of a Set.