search for particular text in a string and parse the flatfile

There is flatfile(eg: customer.txt) am getting this text file into webMethods environment by using a built in service pub.file.getFile, result am getting is bytes. Now am using one more service to convert bytes to String pub.string:bytesToString, result am getting is String. In this string I want to search for particular text (eg: wxyz), if that search text exists in the string then I need to parse the flatfile, if that search text does not exists in the string then it should not parse the flatfile. I don’t want to hardcode the search text in any of the flow step.

I tried this with BRANCH step, but it is compulsory to hardcode the search text in this. I want to do this only by using built in services and flow steps without writing Java service.


how do you want to give search string? Search string is common for all inbound flat file or it will restrict to particular strings or would like to set the value at run time?

which scenario would you like to have this architechture?


"I don’t want to hardcode the search text in any of the flow step" –

If you dont want to hardcode values in the map then use config file ie create a name/value pair property file and read the properties when ever you want in the runtime and map the value to your Branch condition etc…Will this work for you??