Script to Register Reverse invoke connections

I have a set up where ther is one WM proxy server and one WM TN Server. When I restart the proxy, i need to go to the TN and manually register reverse connection. Is there a way to script this instead of doing it manually. I know that we can restart also the TN Server, but we don’t whant to do this!


I have the same issue. If you re-start the TN Server does that establish the Reverse Connections? I need to manually register the reverse connections. I was thinking that you would need to write a B2B Service to register these connections and make it a startup service. Can anyone tell us the preferred method for registering these Reverse connections after startup?

I opened a call with Support and this was my response.

In order to do this, you will need to create a java service that invokes the following service:
The inputs for this service are “alias” and “noOfConnections”.
Please keep in mind that this service is not a public service and that it can change without notice in later releases.