Script to Create Global Variables and URL Aliases

Currently, we are figuring out a way to manage how our services behave in each of our development servers like for example, hard-coded values based on the current IS you are deployed to and URL Aliases that pointing to specific environments.

I’m looking at using URL Aliases and Global Variables to be set in IS, but doing it manually is tedious and if I have to do it for every IS that’s available out there, it is not going to be something that’s very maintainable.

So my questions is that, is there a way to script these creation of Global Variables and URL Aliases so I don’t I have to do it manually for each IS? It would be neat if this can be done automatically so that migration of packages from one IS to

Try invoking the services in WmRoot via CURL Script. Explore the forum there is a code snippet for CURL

Exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks Mahesh!

Also, Command Central provides Administration/Configuration on IS, explore their REST API’s .