Schema validation

I have created a XML schema from backend database using XML spy and corresponding webMethods schema and document (in developer) from it to carry out a data validation opeartion. While I am carrying out the validate operationt the error that I am receiving is as follows. As input, I am providing the webMethods document to *object input of validate service,fully qualified name of XML schema to conformsTo input and fialIfValid as TURE. Since this is such a straight forward process, I had never encountered an error in this service before. Does any body has nay clue to this ?

[ISS.0062.9024] Integration Server does not support this type of object in validation


Which version of IS are you using?

This error might be due to your XML document/fields is not fully qualified according to created Schema in the webMethods.
webMethods validate service validation is accurate.

Please debug your parsing flow and if possible try to upload a sample package containing the services ,sample xmlfile etc…so that we can assist you.


Thanks for your feedback. We are using 6.1 IS. What i would definitely like to know from you more inside of the statement “This error might be due to your XML document/fields is not fully qualified according to created Schema in the webMethods.”
I am not sure if I am representing this statement correctly.


Here is more clarification to my statement,

It means the XML data after parsing with the XMLNodeToDocument output which maps the IS DocumentReference and this ultimately maps to the object of the validate service and so this document/fields (datatypes)might not matching/incorrect format with the XML Schema(conformsTo).So validate service is throwing that error which has not a valid datatype exist in that mapped IS Document.

So check in the pipeline of the Document(IDATA) before mapping to the validate service.

I have seen this error before and so i composed it.


To my understanding if there is any issue with a data type mismatch or field level issue, validate service should execute and give an output, validate as FALSE and the field on which it failed. But in my case it is going to a catch block and throwing the above exception.


I agree validate service will do field level validation.But same error can error for this too,due to invalid document structure.

One more question for you ,Are you mapping the xmlstring directly to Object input or else mapping the IS Document to object input(Do this way)?

Well if u are mapping the xmlstring you will definetly get this exception: [ISS.0062.9024] Integration Server does not support this type of object in validation.


I was giving the document directly to the *object input of validate service. Ideally this should work fine, correct me if I am wrong. When I convert the document to string and string to Node and providing this as input to the validate service, that works fine. Do you think it makes sense ?


I believe you doing these steps,
XMLStringToDocument (Node)and mapping this to object input,this should not work and it will throw an exception.

How it is working then?Am i missing something based on your comments.

This is what exactly I am doing, the validate service is catching the exact error in the data field wherever it is. It is not going to a catch block for sure and service is executing perfectly.

Its wierd,For me it is going to a Catch block.