Scheduler , with wrong next run.

I m using B2B 4.0.2 SP3. We have schedule task to run after every 2 min at the end of invocation (it does some ftp bla bla).
Some time for day or two all works fine but other time the server get stuck and if i see the schdule tasks from Web ui, it displays -2233232 something for next run .
At that time, if i create any test schedule task (any dummy task) it gets negative next run value!
Is there anyone having same problem?
Can anybody help me?

I will suggest that you increase this param thru extended settings or server.cnf


Try increasing it by a factor of 2, and see if the problem goes away !!

Else, post what is the current value of this param ?? total number of schedulers you have running ??

also, do you have garbage collector running as scheduler or not ??

Saurabh Maheshwari.

According to webMethods support Large values and I would assume negative values indicate that the service is running.

YEAH you are right the default value is 10… i made it 200 for time being.
currently there is 7 threads running for schduler.
but when i checked the objects in use the ftp service(one am using) has count of 10.
Its has been working for 3 days so i lets hope for best.
Thanx for you comments.