Scheduler Task suspends automatically after one run

I have schduled a service to run 18:59 everyday. When i check the Admin Page , i see that the service has run , but the schedule task is now in suspended state. The Service was migrated to Test from Dev. I do not face this problem on Dev.The same happens with a simple repeating file polling task.

Check Server → Scheduler → User Tasks and click on the affected one.

Verify if you have “If the task is overdue” set to “Suspend”.
Check as well if “Repeat after completion” is enabled.

Finally check if you are clustered, in what cluster is running.

Good luck.

I checked the things you told me to, Two things,

  1. Ther server is not in cluster, so that simplifies things,
  2. I could not find “If the task is overdue” set to “Suspend”". The only thing that i can “Check” or “Uncheck” is “Persist after Restart”.

Is there any way of knowing when the service actually goes into the suspended state, so as to find a pattern if there is any.


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