Scheduler issue in 71

Hi all,

I am facing a issue with WmPublic/pub.scheduler.addOneTimeTask service.

I have a complex scheduler task which will internally calls the addOneTimetask.It was working fine in the 61 environment and one time task was vanishing from the admin->scheduler page after execution.

In 71,I can see functionlality addOneTimetask executing correctly,but it is not vanishing from the admin->scheduler page.After execution it still remains in the scheduler page and showing the status as “expired”

But it supposed to be disappered from there.

Anybody had faced such kind of scenario? is it a known issue? and how did you correct it?


we had the same issue in our environment for 71, so we have created schedular service (runs every 2hours) where we are deleting expired scedulars.

Thanks Arul.

Even we did the same,our shceduler will run weekly once to delete one time tasks with expired status for a particular user.

Is there any other work around this instead of creating a new service to delete the same?


Its pretty old thread but, Just for the future refrence on this thread if some one else looks for.

IS_7.1.2_Core_Fix17 fix this problem on 7.1.2 environments, i kinda installing it for me so thought of updating this thread :wink: