Scheduler going crazy at Oct 29 2017 02:00 CEST


We have a suite of WebMethods 9 servers,, only patched with IS_9.10_Core_Fix3 (Windows Server 2012).
Each server runs a specific job once an hour.
As we ended daylight saving in Norway, the 02:00 scheduled job got executed more than 230,000 times in the timeframe 02:00 am - 03:00am. At 03:00, the scheduler returned back to normal state. This happened on all servers.
Has anyone come across this issue?

Thanks, Arnt


This seems like an old issue with the JVM.

But with 9.10 you should no longer have this.
Check which fixes you have to apply (if any).

Otherwise, I would recommend you raise a SR so SAG can analyse the issue.

Best regards,

Thanks. Our WM9 suite is running Java 1.8.0_71 (52.0)
Our WM8 Suite is running 1.7.0_13 (51.0) , and we’ve never seen this issue on WM8.
I will check the latest fixes at least…


remember to apply the corresponding Database Script Fix and migrate the ISInternal schema.