Scheduler automatically going to suspended status

Dear All,
I have been facing issue with scheduler. One specific scheduler automatically going to suspended status. I didn’t see any errors in logs. Functionality of this scheduler is invoking a service which interacts with the db.

wM version : 8.2

Kindly share what all reasons making scheduler to get suspended.


Are you sure that you donot see any messages in error log and server log?

I see you have already started discussion on this in the other thread…unless you see or raise to debug level on the IS and turn back the scheduler and let see if the scheduler goes back to suspended mode again and check the logs for more specifics and post in the thread.

Also make sure the IS has enough resources (threads) available when this particular scheduled job runs.


We have increased log levels. We found issue with DB objects, contacted DBA team, they resolved db issue after which we didn’t come across this.

Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear root cause identified… :smiley: