Scheduled task showing a large number in the next run value

Hi All,

I have scheduled a complex repeating task to be run at a particular time each day. But sometimes the next run value is showing a very large integer value which the IS sets intentionally to prevent the task from running again i presume.
But i need the task to run at same time each day…
so can anybody advise is there anything can be done to prevent the scheduled task from attaining a large next run value?

Thanks in advance…:slight_smile:

You can configure to run this scheduler at specific time/specific day/everyday of week/ depending upon what values you confgiured in complex repeating task. Large number is nothing but the next scheduled run in seconds, and you should not worry about it, normally it will be in accordance with the scheduled run.
Please check the documentation for complex repeating scheduler configuration.

A really large value means the task is currently running. Nothing to worry about. It will become accurate after the task finishes.

Thanks for the replies…But the problem i am facing is the next run value keeps on increasing as a result of which the scheduled task is not running at specific time and the service doesn’t get executed for that day…the next day it runs fine…
Any reasons why is it behaving like this?

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