Scheduled Job from Developer

I know we could create a scheduled job from Admin page. Just wanted to see if we could do it using Developer?


If I was answering Ramesh’ question first up, I would have said yes and gone on to explain how one can screate a scheduled job on the fly… but since Rob had already said ‘Nope’, it makes me wonder if I am getting the question right.

Okay… so if you want to schedule a job on IS Scheduler, using a IS service in developer… yes you can… using the services in the pub.scheduler folder… but this is so obvious… :-/ Is this the answer you were looking for? Probably not :rolleyes:


Ah, yes. You’re right Rohit. I was thinking about doing so from the menus but of course one can run the services in pub.scheduler. Thanks for the correction.

Thanks Rohit and Rob.

I have found the sample package from software in “wmusers” -make backup of packages- created by Dan Green that has this pub.scheduler services implemented.

i have created a dynamically scheduled service with inputs, i wanted to find out where does the input document recide till the service is executed?

If we are running in a clustered mode, does it matter if the service was sceduled by a different IS, and is executed on a different one?


There is no way to dynamically pass input parameters into a schedule service. Your service must read the input values from some source such as a properties file or database table.


The service ‘pub.scheduler:addOneTimeTask’ has a input patameter called ‘inputs’ and it can take a document (IData object) containing input to the scheduled
I am using the same service to dynamically schedule a service and pass in the input values for the service. This seems to be working for me.

I wanted to know where it stores the input variables till the run. And how is it effected in a clustered environment.



Sorry. My mistake. I have not used addOneTimeTask and don’t know the answer to your question.


All the pub.scheduler services support providing inputs to the scheduled service. The bummer is that the Administrator UI doesn’t provide any way to set them.

The TN Console makes use of this facility for firing scheduled delivery tasks associated with queues. The caveat is that once you set the schedule using TN Console or the pub.scheduler services, you cannot use Administrator to edit them–otherwise you’ll lose the inputs.

I do not know for certain, but I believe the inputs are stored in the repository. If the IS is in an IS cluster, then the shared repo will hold the inputs so that the scheduled tasks will operate correctly, whichever IS instance runs the task.

Thanks for your response Rob and Mark
I was also of the idea that IS stores the inputs in the repo, but could not find any documentation regarding the same.

I will update this thread in case i find out the data is stored some place other than the repo.


Hello Shantanu,
Can you explain how you created scheduled service dynamically?
What are the steps to create dynamically scheduled service??
How can you pass inputs to the service when it is scheduled whether from IS Admin or dynamically??



via IS admin it is not possible to pass inputs dynamically,I believe Shantanu build a flow using pub.scheduler:addOneTimeTask service and mapped the inputs dynamically retrieved either from DB or properties file…Shantanu pls correct me if i understood wrong.