Saving configuration parameters in a properties file

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Please help me out for this…

I created a static DSP page which is having configuration paramters same as JDBC adapter which is seen in IS.Whenever configure new connection is done at that after giving details about all the paramaters when the user click on save connection all the details should get saved in a file.How can it be done??Please give some suggestions…

I can give a example like in IS we see JDBC Adapter->Connections->ConfigureNew Connection .Here after save connection all the details suppose needs to saved in some properties file then how can it be done

Its nothing but creation of a new file and write some key/value information into it, or append in the existing file. As mentioned in another thread of yours, you could use WmPublic/pub.file:stringToFile service to write details and save it with whatever name you want (prop, or cnf etc.,)


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