Save the webrequest xml


I have to call an external web service, and I receive an error. I would like to test the request in SoepUI to see where is the problem.
But i don’t know how to save the xml request, I tried documentToXmlString, but I receive the xml format without any namespace on it and it seems not to be a correct xml request. If I try to test it in SoepUi, it is not recognized.

Maybe, there is another function for that ?

Thank you in advance.

Ask your external system to provide you the WSDL. Load the WSDL file into SOAP UI, pass the request and see the response.

You can also create the consumer WSD in webMethods and invoke the connector in your flow service.

Thank you for the response,

I think, I was not complete when I described my problem, sorry for that:

I have the wsdl and I tested it in soepui and it works without problem.
Then, I created a consumer in webMethods and invoked the connector and I receive the error: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault:

So I don’t know where is the problem, so to be sure I called the service correctly in webmethod, I want to have the xml request generated in webMethods.

Is-there a function that can return me that ?

Thank you

Need details:
Can you share the complete error message? What is your webMethods version? When you say external system, have you installed the required certifications for authentication?

Thanks for your help,

We use webMethods 9.

I attached the complete error message.

It is true that the web service I try to call is an https.
I already called it in a .Net project without problem, but if I worked for more than 10 years in .Net project, I’m a beginner in webMethods,
I don’t know if I have to install the certificate somewhere and how to do it.
I also know that the web service I called require usernametoken (ws-security), and I don’t know also how to do it in webMethods.

So I go step by step, and it’s why I started to ask first if there is a way in webMethods to have the xml request.

Thank you.

error.txt (7 KB)

Ok I understand your concern. I would recommend you to read the documentation on Integration Server before proceeding further.

Also see if you have any client certificates/key store/trust store already configured on your IS so that it might help you to do the same for your development.