Save error on the Socket with Windows XP and Developer 601

We had an error where the save of a large flow was very long and generated and error:
Connection Aborted by Peer:socket Write error

The PC was new and the Developer was just installed.

Things we tried:
Defrag the drive
Reinstall Developer
Increased memory on the Developer.bat file
Editted the config files to change \\\\ to \\ in a few lines.
Things ran a little faster but the error remained.

Final Solution:
Checked the My Network Places Properties, selected the LAN connection properties then Config/Advanced Tab/MediaType - Value was AutoSelect (the XP default)
Changed the value to 100MB, Full Duplex and the problem was solved.

I hope you find this helpful and I can find it here later if I see this problem again.

Zip of Screen Shot of error dialog box (31.3 k)