SAP: Transaction List Order Not Correct

This screen uses the java service [WmSAP] to retrieve incoming idocs. This behavior can be seen by running the service directly.

When I request ordering by date, the documents are not returned in order. For example the first several entries when the screen indicates Date ascending are:

2007-05-14 10:38:35.789 CDT
2007-05-14 10:38:37.868 CDT
2007-05-15 08:42:39.709 CDT
2007-05-15 18:08:26.871 CDT
2007-03-27 14:13:17.953 CDT ← drops back here
2007-03-27 15:29:07.026 CDT

The same thing happens on subsequent screens; it lists a number in ascending order then drops back again.

There does not appear to be a dependence on the values in the other columns.

I reviewed the SAP Adapter fixes and other forum messages and haven’t seen any other references to this behavior.

Anyone else experience this on their systems? Any thoughts as to why this is happening?