SAP R/3 and SAP XI Adapters...

We have Oracle, Peoplesoft and other custom applications currently integrated thru webMethods 6.1. We have acquired a company that has SAP R/3 backend and SAP XI server. We are looking at integrating SAP R/3 with the corporate thru webMethods.

I have not looked at the various solutions available but my first thought was that since SAP XI and webMethods are both integraton servers they should be able to talk thru HTTP. Ofcourse if we buy the SAP R/3 adapter then we wouldn’t need to interact with SAP XI and all our calls with go directly to SAP R/3. It looks like SAP XI Adapter is much cheaper and my question is - Will we be able to do all the things that we can using wM - wM SAP R/3 adapter - SAP R/3 with wM - wM SAP XI Adapter - SAP XI - SAP R/3 scenario. Your help will be appreciated.

wM - wM SAP R/3 adapter - SAP R/3 with wM

I prefer to use wM SAPAdapter for integrating with SAP R/3 applications which is more efficient and reliable services on communication/transports wise…ofcourse it will be RFC/ALE/IDOCs…based on the various sucessfull SAP Integrations…


I would also suggest to use the wM SAP Adapter…
Going through SAP XI will add another server or two, will slow down the performance and will multiply the overhead for configuration and administration.

Just look at it this way: SAP XI and wM Integration Server are the same kind of tool and do the same job. So why should you use both, if one of them can do the job?

Cheers, Lanzelot