SAP R/3 Adapter for wM 6.x?

Has wM released the above SAP adapter for 6.x platform? I only found documentation for 4.6 on Advantage. Does the 4.6 adapter works under 6.x integration platform?

As far as I know wM has not released SAP adapter natively for 6.x platform. Nevertheless 4.6 adapter works well under 6.x integration platform.
wM has released a SAP adapter (XI) for the new Netweaver SAP platform.


there are two adapter relating to SAP-Systems:
SAP R/3 Adapter: Version 4.6 SP5 FP1 (requires WmPartners-Package for IS 6.x)
SAP XI Adapter: Version 4.6 SP1

Both should be available via
If not, contact webMethods support.