Sap Outbound process timeout

I am facing a problem with SAP adapter.We receive few orders in a Flat File, after transaction, orders are pushed to SAP

Sometimes I see a error with following message$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Timeout

IS 6.0.1 SP2 on WIN2000
SAP 4.6 with patchs SAP_4-6_SP5 , SAP_4-6_SP5_FIX1 , SAP_4-6_SP5_Fix5.
SAP connection settings are
Timeout (minutes) 5
Timeout check period (seconds) 30
Sessionpool size 500
Poolqueue waiting time (seconds) 30

we have following settings:
Timeout (minutes) 5
Timeout check period (seconds) 30
Sessionpool size 50
Poolqueue waiting time (seconds) 30

SAP Listeners
Check time (minutes) 5
Response time (seconds) 1

and have never experienced such issues, what’s your listener configurarion - how many threads set?
are you using wm.PartnerMgr.gateway.runtime:InboundProcess to submit to SAP
does error occur after every submission
what results do you get when you test listener in SM59?

can any once help me on this


Might well be that there is nothing wrong with your configuration but that it takes a long time for SAP to deal with the IDOCS …

We have a SAP BC 4.6 which shoots off thousands of IDOCS each day and we have had a couple of time outs … these were purely related to the processing within the SAP system itself … I hear you thinking "hey it is an asynchronous process so how can that be … " Well our manual states it is asynchronous but it is NOT … The IDOCS are being kicked off synchronously …

I would check the configuration of your SAP system and check the system logs to see whether there was an unusual load on your SAP system while you were having the issues …


suggest you set the transport rule in the Routing Manager as advised above so that you can see the roll back