SAP Listeners & RFC Logs Issue?

Hi All,
I am facing issue while creating Listeners in WMSAP 6.5 version

SAP IS logs:
A)While creating listeners in my local system i am getting below error:
[ART.115.3258] Adapter Runtime (Listener): Fatal error in listener PU009_LYNX_SAP_GDSE_v1:SAP_WM_LYNX_GDSE. See error log for details [SAP.104.9151] WmSAP Adapter: Error on initializing listener: com/wm/app/b2b/server/ServerException
2010-02-19 14:41:35 IST [SAP.0104.0002D] SAP Listener started: SAP_WM_LYNX_GP5010 on LNXBWP2.NA.JNJ.COM(sapgw00)
2010-02-19 14:41:35 IST [SAP.0104.0005W] Error in SAP Listener: com/wm/app/b2b/server/ServerException

SAP Connection Configuration:
Connection Alias SAP_WM_LYNX_GDSE
Password ******
Client 010
Language EN
Load Balancing Off
Application Server LNXBWP2.NA.JNJ.COM
System Number 00
Logon Group
Message Server
System ID
External RFC Server No
Program ID
Gateway Host
Gateway Service
Repository Server
SNC Enabled No
SNC Quality of Service Use global build-in default settings
SNC Name
SNC Partner Name
SAP Router String
Use SAPGui Off
RFC Trace Off
ABAP Debug Off
Log transaction status Off
Store message body Off

Listener Configuration:
Program ID SAP_WM_LYNX_GP5010
Gateway Service sapgw00
Number of Threads 2
Repository Server SAP_WM_LYNX_GDSE
SNC Enabled No
SNC Quality of Service Use global build-in default settings
SNC Name
Authorization Service
Unicode Listener Yes
RFC Trace On
Log transaction status On
Store message body On
IS Configuration:-
Updates None
Build Number 124
JCo Middleware sapjcorfc
JCo Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-11)
JCo Middleware Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-11)
jRFC Library Version 2.1.8 (2006-12-11)
jRFC Library Location C:\webMethods712x\IntegrationServer\lib\sapjcorfc.dll
RFC Library Version This RFC library belongs to the SAP R/3 Release *** 640,0,165 *** MT-SL Versions of SAP internal libraries: dptr: 2 ni : 37
IDoc Library Version 1.0.4 (2006-10-10)
JCoIDoc Library Version 1.0.8 (2008-01-31)
Adapter Version
Updates WmSAP_6-5-0_SP1
JCA Spec Version 1.0

B) I am not able to see RFC trace logs in my SAP Admin page
AS i have change server.bat file : as follows
rem … Be careful with changes below this line
SET IS_DIR=C:\webMethods712x\IntegrationServer
SET JAVA_DIR=C:\webMethods712x\jvm\win150\jre
SET RFC_TRACE_DIR=C:\webMethods712x\IntegrationServer\packages\WmSAP\logs
but still i am not able to see RFC trace file getting generated in my local server

Appreciate quick reply

Apply this fix WmSAP_6-5_SP1_Fix6 or greater and restart IS.

This should resolve.Check it out!



I didn’t find Fix6 in SAG Empower website.
but similar to this i got one more Fix called “”

Shall i go ahead & installed this fix?
Is this resolved my issue.

Please advice … waiting for your response


Try it,may be it is superceeded fix now and also you can request SAG tech support for that particular fix they can advice.



i am little bit late to reply on ths.
Thanks for your valuable post.

it’s work fine after appling fix in my local IS 7.1.2 version
Fix " “”

Thanks again :slight_smile: