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I have a Requirement to get data from SAP through SAP Listener Notification , So i create a listener and a listener notification on a given SAP BAPI, but when SAP Team excute the BAPI at their end my Notification service is not triggered, all white listing has been done but still not able to get data to IS.
Can you guys put for inputs to over come this issue.

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Have a look at the below link,

Hi Rohit,

As part of troubleshooting, one more time please verify all your configs setups related - SAP connection/listener-programid/notification and monitor the IS server logs/SAP Adapter trace logs (bump up the logging level if needed) and make sure the IS is receiving the traffic from the SAPECC to webMethods resource…

Normally you will be able find the root cause there itself and involve SAP BASIS and wM Admin also if needed!


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The link shared by Avik is for Adapter Connection/Service. Since you have trouble with a Listener Notification, here are my comments, on top of what @rmg has shared -

  1. Is your Listener is enabled successfully and is the SAP Adapter package fully loaded?
  2. Often, a refresh of the Listener and the Listener Notification resolves any transient issues
  3. [Important] Does the configured user have adequate authorization on the SAP side?
  4. What’s your wM (or SAP Adapter) version?
  5. What type of Notification (Sync/Async) have you configured?
  6. If Async, is your DocType publishable, and is your Subscriber able to fetch it from your Messaging subsystem (Broker/UM/IS)? Perform a local publish test to see if this works.
  7. Try enabling trace (for RFC Listener) and see if there are any issues in the logs
  8. You can test the RFC Listener from IS and check the status in SAP

There’s a lot of valuable info in the documentation (link); give it a read.


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