i have the same problem like Gunter and Franz.

Has someone a example for a folw service to convert an Idoc ( ORDERS02 ) to EDI UNEDIFACT ???

The following i tried :

  • convert StringToDocument
  • DocumentToRecord
  • GetTemplate
  • ConverttoString

Thanks for help


this is what I figured out so far:

  • restorePipelineFromFile (restore for testing)
  • transformFlatToHierarchy (Pipeline in must have IDOC_CONTROL_REC_40 connected with the same in Service in and so on (4 entries)). conformsTo must be set to the IDoc Template (e.g. SAPtoEDI:Rec_ORDERS02).
  • MAP: The boundnode must be mapped to the ORDERS02-Recordset. BUT, that is now the trick: Below the boundnode on the pipeline in you must copy the ORDERS02-Template (or your IDOC-Template) and make it a part of the boundnode (so that it can be shown be pressing the “plus”-icon on the boundnode. Now map the ORDERS02-set below the boundnode to the ORDERS02-set of the pipeline out. Now you can play with the contents of the IDoc.

Have fun. The rest is still unknown to me.