SAP IDOC Status clarification

Hello Gurus,

We are implementing the outbound IDOC's for the first time,  we need a clarification on the SAP IDOC status update, either using ALEAUD IDoc or SYSTA01 scenarios.

Does the status codes coming from wM IS update the existing IDOC or creates a new SYSTA01 IDOC for each Status?.

In our process, we will receive the IDOC from SAP, will route it to TN and finally triggers Model. How does wM IS keep track of the IDOC number ( or$tid), after it submits the IDOC to TN? Do we have to write proprietary code to handle the IDOC status for each step?.

Please help!

wM needs to send the status in the SYSTA01 IDOC towards SAP. Contents of this IDOC has the IDOC number.

Internal to SAP, the SYSTA01 IDOC updates the status of the original outbound IDOC with the new status which was sent from wM.

hope the usage of SYSTA01 is clear now.

IDOC numbers should be available in the Control record !

Hope it helps
Bhavani Shankar