SAP Business Connector get file from XML webservice

Hi All,

I’m just new in using SAP Business Connector and totally confused on the process. I already installed SAP BC 4.8 on a windows 2003 server and configured some items like usernames, RFC connections in SAP, etc.

My problem now is how do I get the file from a published XML web service? It would really help me if I have a detailed procedure from you experts.

Here is the scenario:

1.Install SAP BC 4.8 - completed
2.Connect to the published webservice - not idea…please help
3.Import captured data from web service - using SAP function modules to connect to SAP BC and then to SAP 4.7

Thanks in advance!

  1. You can get WSDL for the published webservice and create WS connector in WM using that.
  2. Implement a flow that executes this connector (Just invoking with necessary inputs) and maps response of the webservice to an idoc or RFC signature and send to SAP.

You can go through SAP adapter documentation for this IDOC and RFC stuff.