SAP Business Connector - ConvertToString

Hi All,

I am converting a INOVICE02 idoc to EDI 810 (UNEDIFACT) dcoument using SAP business Connector. After mapping all the idoc fileds. while using ConvertToSting flow service to convert the EDI record set into sting . it is giving an error “com/wm/app/tn/tspace/ReservationException”.

Can anybody tell me what could be the reason for the error.

Thanks in advance

How big is your INVOIC02 idoc or EDIFACT INVOIC files?? Are you doing any largedoc handling procedures in your code??


Actually the idoc contains only one item , and i am mapping only mandatory segments, with minimal required segments.

What are all the inputs are you mapping to the convertToString service?
If possible upload your flowservice screenshots maximize it as much as possible to view the input/output properties,pipeline error.



The problem is resolved after restarting the SAPBC server . It is newly installed server and I think the administator did nt restarted the server after installation of Java services.


Looks like for all the problems restart server is the go way solution…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Not production server though…:wink: