SAP & BPM : setting hooks on SAP process / jobs

We are evaluating WM BPM, and we wonder how we can integrate withe SAP (ECC6).

Is there some standard interface to set callbacks on SAP services/jobs ?

Or should we set callbacks from SAP to WM BPM ourselves ?

Is there some documentation about that ?

Thanks for any help,



Ofcourse there is out of box wM has the SAP interface capabilities via standard SAP Adapter.

Please use the webMethods SAP Adapter (it’s current version is 7.1) to do any integration with SAP ECC systems.

So the wM flow services can interact the BPM orchestration (viceversa) from and to SAP calls via SAP adapter (RFC’s or IDOC’s or BAPI etc…)

Here is the direct link for the online documentation if you haven’t reviewed this yet:


Thanks. I was expecting some BPM API standard, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

From what I understand, if I need to get info about the end of some SAP job (not triggered by WM), I need to add into SAP a SAP event at the end of the job that sends an Idoc to WM.

Yes there is nothing to BPM API direct talk to SAP exist.

You need to use the flow services (that talks to SAP vice versa) as a invoke flow step type in your BPM process and integrate with SAP and this is similar to any back end interaction via BPM (Process Engine component)