e-filing for UK government

Hi There,

Has anyone used webMethods to integrate SAP ECC6 (and above) with UK government e-filing ?

If yes, please suggest some pointers. Thanks


What is the differrent for UK govt e-filing? Are there any communication methods specified and any restrictions or they can allow web services interface?

Are you still in analysis phase and looking for what feasible design advises/methods other’s used?


Usually we can implement it using https. Yes, ofcourse we can use webMethods for this. If you are trying to use any other protocols/ want to use any other strategies,kindly give those details to better suggest.


Thanks for your reply MR as173d and rmg.

We are still in the design phase and looking for the best approach to implement this solution on WM 8.2. We previously implemented this solution on SAP XI using standard SAP components.

I see there are standard packages available for SAP Business Connector (BC) (similar much older version of webMethods). I was wondering if there was also a standard package that we could implement on webMethods 8.2 or if we can just retrofit the SAP BC package for WM 8.2?

If you have any tips, please can you share them.

Thank you

No I don’t think SAP BC fits on 8.2 version and also BC was very old now :smiley: .

As far I know there is no specific standard package for UK e-filing sake…

Do they have any other options handling via web service based?