SAP BC4.7 -> SAP XI/webMethods for SAP

Hi All,

As the underlying JVM code used in SAP BC4.7 has become obsolete so, is it compulsory to modify SAP BC integrations by SAP XI/webMethods for SAP?
Does webMethods for SAP includes the same products as wM Fabric6.5.1? If not how does it differ from wM Fabric.

Thanks for your reply!

webMethods for SAP will run the integrations built on Business Connector out of the box. With webMethods for SAP there is no need for you to use SAP XI.

It’s possible webMethods Frabric may include some product components that are not included in webMethods for SAP. It’s probably best to contact your regional sales manager to confirm what’s included in these and which is more appropriate to your needs.